Top 10 Best Outdoor Benches With Storage [2018] Review

Finding the right outdoor bench with storage can be a time-consuming process as there are so many models in the market with a variety of features.

Before you make your purchase there are certain things you must consider when choosing a outdoor storage bench like its ability to withstand local climate, portability etc.

There was a time when people were using benches without storage but time has changed. Now, People never hesitate to pay some extra dollars to get one with storage as it would be convenient for their Garden or lawn.



Having a good outdoor Bench with storage will help in clearing out the clutters at your outdoors. Apart from the storage facility, these benches also offer extraordinary seating experience & comfort to your family. 

You may have various requirements, but we believe we have covered all the available types of outdoor storage boxes in our top 10 list of best benches for outdoor.

Top 10 Outdoor Storage Benches-  [Table]

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ImageBrandOur RatingStorageColor
Lifetime 60012 Deck5 Stars (5 / 5)YESBrown/Black
Keter Rockwood Plastic Deck5 Stars (5 / 5)YESBrown
Linon Home Decor Bench4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)YESWalnut
Suncast ELEMENTS Table4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)YESWhite
Rubbermaid 1859930 Deck4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)YESBrown
Crosley Palm Harbor Bin4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)YESBrown
Merry Products Outdoor Box4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)YESNatural
Highwood Deck4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)YESWhite
Best Selling Santiago Ottoman4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)YESMulti Brown Wicker
Patio Seat Bench Storage Box4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)YESDark Brown

10 Best Picks of Outdoor Bench with Storage Underneath:

If you are looking for a rollable chest, stationary bench, and can also be used as patio furniture then these outdoor storage benches could be the right choice for you. Below is a detailed explanation of the top 10 models available in the market.

 Lifetime Deck Outdoor Benches with Storage 

Lifetime, one of the most popular brand has designed this this quality product.  This tops our best picks of outdoor benches with storage. The material used in the deck box is of durable high grade quality plastic. They are made of High Density Polyethylene.

The material used is resistant to withstand any climatic changes, the panels and lids are UV protected, this will never fade, peel or crack at any cause. The deck box comes with a storage capacity for storing your patio items and the interior capacity of this storage box is about 130 gallons, they are in the size of 57 inches in length, 20.75 inches wide and 23.75 inches in height.

The handles are molded and so you can easily move them to desired location, they can hold up to 900 lb and hence multiple persons can use the chair at a time without any fear. This storage bench comes in a attractive design with a mix of tan, brown and black which provides an alluring look to your patios.

The manufacturer provides 10 years warranty to the product and therefore you can get the product with trust. The seat is made of durable plastic which will make you feel the comfort while using the bench.

Our #1 Pick:Lifetime 60012 Deck

Special Feature:

The interior capacity of this storage box is about 130 gallons.

Key features:

+ high-density polyethylene,

+ weather resistant steel .


+ lockable lid,

+ 130 gallons capacity.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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Deck Storage Container Box from Keter

Keter, a leading  manufacturer of home, indoor and outdoor materials offers this deck storage container box with advanced functionalities and specifications, and this ranks second in our best selection list. The wood panel used in the storage bench provides the alluring look to the outdoor space.

You will be able to store materials like large cushions, pool supplies, garden supplies, toys etc as they comes with the size dimension of 22.8X 24.6X 56.0 inches. The storage comes with a auto opening mechanism and ideal to blend out to any type of outdoor space.

As the material is made of weather resistant materials, they can withstand any climatic changes easily, your items in the storage area would remain safe and dry with the help of the locking mechanism. Two adults can sit in the seat with comfort and the natural brown color gives the classy look to your outdoors.

Our #2 Pick: Keter Rockwood Plastic Deck

Special Feature:

The storage of this bench comes with an auto-opening mechanism.

Key features:

+ wood panel,

+ weather resistant.


+ automatic opening,

+ ventilated box.


+ Thin plastic.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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Outdoor Storage Bench from Linon

Linon, a trustworthy manufacturer has developed this outdoor storage bench with extra functionalities like short split and other attractive function for efficient use, this rank third in our product list.

The walnut finish provides the enchanting look to your outdoor  and the split seat provides the extra comfort for the person sitting on the chair, the slat design at the low back and the sides adds extra look for the outdoor storage bench.

The bench is made of high grade quality rubber wood for the reliability of the product and the wood construction make the bench durable and they comes with less assembly. The outdoor storage bench comes in the size of 17X50X25.2 inches and they weigh about 47.8 pounds, while considering the price range, they are affordable while comparing to the other products in the list.

Our #3 Pick:Linon Home Decor Bench

Special Feature:

The bench is made of high-grade quality rubber wood.

Key features:

+ finished with walnut,

+ rubber wood.


+ quick assemble,

+ low back.


+ Sag.

Our Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

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Table with Storage from Suncast

Suncast coffee table and outdoor storage bench ranks fourth in our product list. The design of the chair looks classy and attractive and act as the centerpiece at any of your outdoor space.

The built in storage under the table helps to keep your outdoor accessories, patios items, toys, clothes etc with ease and the lightweight feature enables you to move the product from one place to another. The product comes with a size dimension of 20X34X18 inches, which is large enough to place your items safe and durable.

The lid that is used for closing comes with a latching function is durable, convenient and comfortable to use it. The price of the product is less and therefore you can try out the product at your outdoor to make it look attractive.

Our #4 Pick:Suncast ELEMENTS Table

Special Feature:

Latching function s established in this bench lid for closing.

Key features:

+ hinged lid,

+ resin construction.


+ durable,

+ three color choices.


+ Take a while to assemble.

Our Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

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Outdoor Deck Box Storage from Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid’s deck bench with storage ranks fifth in our product picks, if you are looking for the stylish and modern furniture for your outdoors with extraordinary functionalities, adapt to rubbermaid without any chaos.

The lid comes flat and this adds extra comfort for the sitting, the grip provided by the bench is high and the material used in constructing the deck storage bench is made of high quality material for the durability, the lid is enabled for easy accessing and the locking features add the extra standard to the product.

You can store plenty of items like patio accessories, pool items, goggles, gardening supplies, patio cushion etc with ease. The design used in the dec storage bench is of basket weave which is liked by everyone for their attractive color and look. The material is made of weather resistant and therefore has the capability of withstanding any climatic conditions.

Our #5 Pick:Rubbermaid 1859930 Deck

Special Feature:

This bench is made of weather-resistant materials.

Key features:

+ flat lid,

+ loackable fittings.


+ double wall construction,

+ easy to access.


+ Paper thin bttom.

Our Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

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Wicker Outdoor Storage Bench from Crosley

Looking for a storage bench that would add the extra beauty to your outdoor space, then you need to adapt to crosley outdoor storage bench to enjoy the advanced functionalities and specialities. They are made of steel frame that comes with good high premium quality to last longer.

The seating is made of plastic material to provide the comfort while sitting in the chair. The steel frame is used in this storage bench is durable and also the plastic lid deck provides easy access to the bench.

The smooth opening and closing of the lid is possible with the helps of hinge support present in the storage bench, this fits all cushion type and the outdoor space perfectly. The material is made of brown wood and therefore blends well with any outdoor space, they comes with a size of 52X25X25 inches and the price of this product is high, but worth the money invested on the storage bench.

Our #6 Pick:Crosley Palm Harbor Bin

Special Feature:

It offers easy open and close access by hinge support.

Key features:

+ steel frame,

+ plastic lid deck.


+ UV resistant,

+ oversize trunk.


+ Difficult to assemble.

Our Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

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BOX0010210000 Storage Bench for Outdoor Space from Merry Products

Merry, the leading and developing manufacturer of home, office, indoor and outdoor products has designed this storage bench with well furnished wood and attractive design and they ranks seventh in our best picks. The deck is made up of high premium grade quality hardwood of Eucalyptus for the durability.

The material is resistant to weather and therefore capable of withstanding to any weather climates, the storage comes vast and therefore you can keep any type of cushions, patio supplies, garden supplements, goggles, pools items etc.

The natural wood has the tendency to blend with any type of outdoor like patio, yards, garden etc. While comparing the price with the listed products, they are affordable and exist longer.

Our #7 Pick:Merry Products Outdoor Box

Special Feature:

The design will get adapted to any type of outdoor.

Key features:

+ made of Eucalyptus hardwood,

+ slutter-free pool side.


+ waterproof,

+ portable.


+ Reacts to weather change.

Our Rating: 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

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Deck Outdoor storage Box from Highwood

Highwood’s outdoor storage bench ranks eighth in out list, they are made of recyclable plastic and therefore environment friendly and they assures the durability of the product by its efficient high grade premium quality.

You do not need too much of maintainance and also the product is resistant to any weather climates, the natural color adds the beauty to your outdoor and also the storage space beneath the box helps in keeping all outdoor essential items like toys, cushions, patio supplies, garden supplies etc.

The product is available in multiple colors namely white, black, toffee, Charleston Green etc and comes in large size for storing multiple items. The price of the product is high but worth the money spent for it. The product does not require any chemicals or stains and therefore eco friendly and the manufacturer provides 12 years warranty and therefore you can get the product with trust.

Our #8 Pick:Highwood Deck

Special Feature:

This bench does not need too much maintenance.

Key features:

+ made of recycled plastic,

+ used fade resistant material.


+ need low maintenance,

+ multiple color choices.


+ Expensive.

Our Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

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Outdoor Storage bench from Santiago Ottoman

Best Selling , a leading manufacturers products ranks ninth in our best picks of outdoor benches with storage. The product is best for both indoor and outdoor spaces, they are about four feet long and can be used in the pool side of warmer climates, you can store multiple storages as they comes with a size of 51X19.2X15.5 inches and the spaciou storage area helps in easy access.

The multi brown wicker color adds beauty to any outdoor space and the water proof resistant material enables the product to withstand any climatic changes. You will be able to sit on the bench and watch out your kids playing in the swimming pool and this would be suitable for your garden, balcony and patios too.

The weight of the product is about 40 pounds and therefore can move the product with the help of someone, the price of the product is affordable when compared to the other picks.

Our #9 Pick:Best Selling Santiago Ottoman

Special Feature:

Multi-variation color of this bench makes this product stylish.

Key features:

+ organic hues,

+ chemical free.


+ sturdy,

+ large seat.


+ Much small parts take time to assemble.

Our Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

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Deck Storage for Outdoor from Patio seat Bench

The tenth place is captured by the patio seat bench, who are the highly developed manufacturers of indoor and outdoor products. As they are made of weatherproof materials, they are able to withstand any climatic conditions, the storage space allows you to hold any outdoor accessories like furniture cushions, candles, garden supplies etc.

The bench enable two adults to sit in comfort and the cushion used in the bench helps you to enjoy the nature with extra comfort. The resin box that is durable can be used as a multifunctional space save and the sturdy top enables you to sit without any fear. The storage area can be opened easily with the helps of the handles and the with dual pistons.

Our #10 Pick:Patio Seat Bench Storage Box

Special Feature:

This bench has a large top area to sit comfortable.

Key features:

+ UV protected,

+ dual pistons.


+ easy open/close top,

+ large top.


+ Less ventilation inside truck.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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Types of Outdoor Benches with Storage

Storage benches especially for outdoor are available in different types to add the charm to our outdoor spaces, they are made of various materials like Resin, Wood, Recyclable Plastic materials etc. Most of the storage benches contains a space underneath the seating area for placing our necessary items.

Deck Storage Benches

In this kind of desk storage benches, they are mostly made of wood and these storage benches are used in the deck area so that they suits the area perfectly. They have the storage area beneath the seat and you can make use of this storage deck benches to keep your deck area clean and attractive.

Pool Storage Benches

Providing a storage bench near to your pool would be a great idea, the storage space underneath the pool storage bench enables you to keep any pool regarding items, your swimming dresses, sunscreens, goggles etc. You can sit on this pool storage bench  to guide and watch your kids or friends who are learning swimming. Most of the pool storage benches will be made of cushion to provide the comfort.

Patio Storage Benches

You can place this patio storage benches anywhere at our patio area and the storage area beneath the seat helps you to store any patio items and most of the patio storage benches are made up of wood. Recyclable plastics, aluminum, metal or iron and the seating area will be made of waterproof cushion for providing the extra comfort while sitting and to resist any weather conditions.

Garden Storage Benches

Garden storage benches would add the enchanting look to your garden and the material used to build this benches are of wood and the have the necessary functionalities to provide the comfort like resistant to an type of weather etc. You can store trowels, small pots, potting supplies, landscape and garden supplies to provide a clean surrounding.

What is the Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Benches

Indoor and Outdoor storage benches do not have much variations, the differ only in the material used while constructing a bench, outdoor benches are basically made of cedar wood, teak, plastic, recyclable plastic, resin etc whereas indoor storage benches are made of wood(oak, maple, mahogany etc)Some other difference may be in their styles, the storage space capacity, color etc.

How to Choose a Outdoor Bench with Storage

Outdoor benches with storage is best if you are looking for both extra seating and some extra storage space to store your outdoor items, choosing the right outdoor bench with storage is really tedious, to make your work easier, here are some of the factors that you need to look for while selecting the outdoor bench with storage.

  • Size

If your outdoor space is large, then really it’s important that you choose a outdoor bench that is large in size to store out the items at your pools, patios, garden, yards etc, also you need to know how many person are going to use the bench normally before picking the one for your outdoor space.

  • Color

Most of the outdoor benches would be available in wood color for blending out with the outdoor surrounding, if you have different setup for your outdoor spaces, then pick the one that suits your set up perfectly for providing the incredible look.

  • Material Used

There are outdoor benches that are made of wood, plastic, resins etc. Prefer the one that is made of premium quality materials and check whether the material used are reliable to last long for years. Natural wood bench would be the wise choice.

  • Seating

Outdoor benches with storage comes in different type of seating namely cushions, ordinary seating, plastic etc, prefer the one that provides the comfort while sitting in the bench.

  • Type of Bench

Based on your personal style and taste, look for the type of bench you need to afford to your outdoor spaces, if you need a bench with cushion, then you need to look for the material, whether it’s wood, resin, metal or plastic.

  • Weather Resistant

It’s mandatory your outdoor benches with storage is water resistant for withstanding any type of climatic conditions, as you are going to place the bench at a open space.

  • Cleaning

You need to choose the material that can be washable, many of the cushion can be cleaned with the help of a cloth itself, for some type you need to wash them regularly to provide the clean and attractive look.

  • Convenient

Note whether your chosen outdoor benches is comfortable and convenient to use, if you feel you are having any trouble, then you need to look for another one that suits your outdoor space and your convenience.

Final Thoughts

Hope the above guide on the best outdoor benches with storage would helped you to choose the right outdoor benches and the right brand for your outdoor space with ease.

Still doubts? Ask anything regarding the outdoor storage benches through the comment section below.