Bench Cushions for Outdoor Furniture – Considerations for Buyers

What should you consider when buying bench cushions for outdoor furniture?

Some tips for buyers.

The great difficulty with buying any furniture is getting something that is both stylish and durable. Nobody wants to purchase something that is stylish, but won’t last. I think everyone, at some point, has encountered the velvet couch, or white carpet, or fine china that looks amazing, but is guarded like even breathing on it will cause it to be destroyed. You want something usable, not something that feels like a museum piece.

On the opposite end, you don’t want something totally utilitarian either. Comfort and style are important; there’s no sense in feeling like your lounging in a warehouse instead of a living room.

How is outdoor furniture different?


It’s hard enough to balance these two polar elements with indoor furniture—when it comes to outdoor furniture things get even more complex. With outdoor furniture, not only do you want something both stylish and durable, but you want something extra durable, that can survive outside no matter what the season or weather condition.

What this most often means is that you have to sacrifice. You’ll have to settle for more durable materials like wood, that are beautiful in their own right, but not quite comfortable. Or you have to spend large sums of money on things like patio sofas or dining sets that are modern, stylish, and comparable to indoor furniture, but don’t have the same lasting power as their plainer counterparts.

Or you can compromise instead.

Purchase hard wooden or metal furniture, knowing that it will last any season, but make it more comfortable by adding an upholstered cushion.

Bench cushions for outdoor furniture are a fantastic trend that help you get the full outdoor sofa look without the price or the sacrifice. They also come in an almost unbelievable variety of styles, materials, and prices.

Different styles of bench cushions

For style, bench cushions for outdoor furniture can match any existing look, or help you dress up an otherwise plain patio. The most basic element of style is color, and bench cushions have a wide variety of those. Go for clean modern look with solid color, or elevate your furniture with sharp looking patterns. You can also purchase different upholstered styles, like tufted cushions or flat ones. With so many options, don’t limit yourself based on matching. Mix up the solid colors of your cushions in your dining set, or even better, pair patterns with complementary matching solids. Pick soft, tufted cushions for your benches for lounging, but pick a firm foam for your dining chairs for support. The options are endless, and since the cushions are removable, you’re free to change up the styles as often as you want.


For comfort, bench cushions for outdoor furniture provide options for almost every preference. Go for a push filling for ultimate comfort, or if you prefer something firmer, go for a foam filling. If you want comfort for your back as well as your bottom, there are also outdoor bench cushions that have a back as well as a bottom. With these cushions, you get the look and feel of a sofa without having to purchase one. The loveseat style cushion is great if you have just a few benches, and not a full dining set. You can put them on with a few pillows and feel comfortable enough to nap outside if you wanted to. (Just make sure you have on plenty of sunscreen!)


For price, bench cushions for outdoor furniture can fit just about any budget. They come in accessible varieties that you can purchase at major retailers, or if you have the funds, you can spring for the kinds made out of more expensive materials, with higher price tags.

Pillows vs Cushions

A bench cushion is usually a long, wide, rectangular shaped cushion in a single shape (or sometimes two separate cushions) that is meant for the bottom of the bench for the user to sit on top of.  Whereas a pillow, is just like your indoor decorative pillow for the couch or chairs.  They are usually square (although many different styles are available including round pillows),  plump, and are relatively small.

There are many decorative outdoor pillows available for your patio benches, swings, and glides as well.

Final Thoughts

So don’t settle when it comes to patio furniture. With the endless variety of outdoor bench cushions, you can have comfort, have style, have whatever you want in an outdoor living space.


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