Cleaning Outdoor Cushions Best Methods

How To Clean Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor cushions which can be maintained easily for patio furniture are available in the market in different textures and colors. Durable, colorfast fabrics which are woven using acrylic fibers dyed with a solution are pleasant and attractive to touch. Such fabrics are resistant to mildew and damage by the sun. The fillings of the cushion are made of materials such as polyester or else a combination of polyester and exterior grade which is fast-drying. Techniques of cleaning these cushions are affordable and simple. Cleaning agents proven environmentally friendly are used in most cases although with chlorine a lot of care is taken when it comes to use on stains which are quite tough. Some of the considerations to make so that you can clean these outdoor furniture cushions safely and easily include:

Read instructions and tags
On purchasing cushions they come accompanied by instructions or a tag on the edges which lists the material used to make the cushions. Read any the tags carefully to establish the filling and fabric content used for the cushion. It could be vinyl, PVC-coated polyesters or acrylics dyed with solutions. Some come with removable covers but others cannot be removed. With all this in mind follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on cleaning.

Preventive maintenance
For you to avoid cases of having to conduct very complicated and involving cleaning, practice preventive maintenance each day. This could include brushing of the surfaces of the cushions regularly using a whisk broom to prevent stains from plant and insect debris. If by any chance the cushions are soaked, get them dried immediately. Have your spray at hand for any spot which seems troublesome then spray it and allow for fifteen minutes soaking.

How do You Clean Cushions on Outdoor Patio Furniture?


• Scrub brush
• Spray bottle
• Spray for protecting fabric
• Water
• Dish washing detergent
• Borax
• Bar soap


The first thing you do is mixing a tablespoon of dish washing agent with a spoon of Borax in warm water about a quarter liter. Put the made mixture in the spray bottle. The following steps follow:

1. Surface saturation

Saturate the cushions evenly on the two sides using the solution made. Avoid frugal to ensure mildew and mold cleaning. Ensure the creases and crevices get the solution. Do not put as much solution to enable easy washing off.

2. Wait then wash off and leave it to dry

Allow the solution settle for about 15 minutes. Use hose pipe at a higher pressure to kind of spray thoroughly with water the cushions in order to do away with thee cleaning solution and the dirt attached to the cushions. Afterwards stand the cleaned cushions for drying on the edge.

3. Fabric protector use

After cleaning and washing off the cushions washing solution, spray fabric protector. The protector protects and also enable easy following cleaning.

Cautions to take when using bleaching agents

If at all you have to use bleaching agents use them sparingly. Bleaching agents should only be used on stains which have failed on milder treatments. This is because chlorine which is the common bleaching agent weakens the fibers of the fabric and also at times may interfere with patterned fabrics colors. In case you use a bleaching agent, consider applying fabric guard after the thorough cleaning.

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