Colorful Outdoor Patio Bench Cushions with Ties

Printed Outdoor Patio Bench Cushions with Ties

Colorfully designed bench cushions for outdoor furniture. 

When do you get the most out of your outdoor furniture? Probably during the warmer months of the year, from spring to fall.  These are the months that we experience the best weather for sitting outside in the sun.  Whether it’s to relax in the backyard or have a party with friends and family, you will get the most out of your patio furniture during these times of the year.

Why not match the bright colors of nature during these seasons with a colorful outdoor patio bench cushion?  See the three ones below for our picks.

Pillow Perfect Outdoor Tamara Paisley Quartz Bench CushionPaisley Quartz Outdoor Bench Cushion
Outdoor Bench Cushion with Welt 17Tropical Leaves Print – Outdoor Bench Cushion
Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Bosco Bench Cushion, NavyIndoor/Outdoor Navy and White Damask Print Patio Bench Cushion

3 Printed Outdoor Patio Bench Cushions with Ties

These not only have colorful prints, but have ties as well for an extra charming look.



Paisley Outdoor Bench Cushion

The first pick, the paisley quartz patterned one comes from a company called Pillow Perfect.  It boasts weather resistant material and indoor or outdoor use, making it a good option.  It’s made entirely of polyester, with a 2.5 inch polyester fiber filling—good for both durability and comfort—and a polyester cover. The cover is a beige color, with a primarily blue and brown paisley pattern. As a whole, the cover could be considered neutral, making it fit in easily with most color schemes. The cover is also machine washable, air dry, making it easy to clean and maintain. At a mid price range, it’s not the cheapest one on the list, but it’s colors and convenience of cleaning make it a good option.

Tropical Leaf Seat Cushion with Ties

The Tropical Leaf Print one with Welt Polyester fabric is the cheapest option of the three. The cover is made of polyester, but that’s where the similarities with the other two picks ends. Although the fabric isn’t specifically stated as machine washable, it is advertised as easy to clean with soap and water, and the polyester is a quick dry fabric, which would help with cleanup after spills or stains. The fabric is also UV treated, which makes it even more resistant to fading than untreated fabric. Inside, it is the largest of the three, at 2.75 inches deep, so depending on your preference, this pick could be considered the most comfortable.

This one also has a welt—a ridge that sits on the edge of the cushion—to help it maintain it’s shape. The welt sits low on the pad, so you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way. Perhaps the only downside to this one is the color. The cover is primarily red and medium brown, in a leaf pattern. It’s the darkest of the three, which is good for things like hiding stains, but the colors also make it difficult to match easily. If you already have a clear color scheme in place, it may be more difficult to incorporate the colors of this print.

Damask Patterned Bench Cushion

The navy and white damask printed one is the most expensive of the three, and without any clear advantage. The print is a striking combination of navy on a light background, but other than the pattern there isn’t much different from the first one on the list. It’s cover and filling are 100% percent polyester, and the seat sits at 2.5 inches deep. Like the first pick, it’s cover is machine washable, and is meant to resist fading. Without a clear advantage over either of the previous two outdoor patio bench cushions, the only reason to pay a few extra dollars for this one would be the pattern, which—if you want it and it goes with your furniture—might be the best choice for you.

Which is the right one for you?

Each of these brightly printed outdoor patio bench cushions has ties at the ends for an extra charming look.  They patterns aren’t necessarily neutral, so what works for one decor scheme might not work for another.

As there weren’t many differences between the product picks in regards to price, quality, and comfort, it definitely will come down to personal taste.

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