Convenient Folding Potting Benches Reviews

Foldable Potting Benches Reviews

Potting benches that fold can be quite convenient if your outdoor area is tight on space, but you are an avid gardener.  Gardening as a hobby can require a lot of tools, equipment, and materials.  Having a portable work space to store all those things can make planting and potting a lot easier.

However, you may want the option to store the potting bench after you are done working on it because you don’t want to leave it in your outdoor space.  Check out our picks below for something that might work for you.

Foldable Potting BenchFoldable Potting BenchVYTAL Folding Potting Bench / Event Table (Brown)Folding Potting Bench 

Two Folding Potting Benches


First Pick

The first pick is a good mid range option on this list. It comes with two shelves, both of which fold upwards for storage when not in use, although because they fold up into the back, the bench is still fairly large even when folded. It’s also heavy, at 31 pounds. The weight may not indicate stability either, because multiple reviews testified to the softness of the wood and the instability of the shelf to stand up to a strong wind.

That said, there are some good points to this bench. The wood, strong or otherwise, is kiln dried and treated with a natural color stain, which means that it’s at least going to look good for a long time. It’s also billed as easy assemble, with only a Phillips screwdriver required.

In terms of function, it comes with a hanging bar accessory for extra storage or easy access of your tools, and the design allows for the purchase of additional hooks if you have a lot of things to hang. Overall, this bench may not be the one that you want for serious gardening, but for summer entertaining or decorative purposes, this bench may be a good option.

Second Pick

The second pick is cheaper and smaller than the previous option on the list, but it also seems to be the better value. It boasts a durable, metal shelf on top, and an adjustable shelf on the bottom, both of which can be removed to allow the bench to fold in on itself. The bench is already small, so the fact that it folds flat means it’s easy to store when not in use. It’s also an even easier assemble than the previous one, since there are no tools required.

The reviews for the bench are overwhelmingly positive, with only one critique about the color and durability. Considering the cheaper price, easy storage, and overall positive reviews, this bench seems to be the better option. The only downside is the small size, which some people may not find conducive to the messy business of potting plants, or even simple entertaining. This bench seems to be the better value, but only if you can sacrifice the extra shelf space.

A Convenient Workspace

If gardening is your hobby, a folding potting bench might be something you want to consider.  It can store all of your potting and planting essentials, and you can fold it up and store it in your garage or shed while it is not in use.

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