Floral and Striped Waterproof Outdoor Bench Cushions

Waterproof Outdoor Bench Cushions

Three colorful floral and striped patterned cushions

If you have outdoor furniture, you might worry how long it will last outside in the elements.  Especially if you’re furniture isn’t stored under a covering or easy to move in inclement weather.  In this case, you might consider furniture and accessories that are made with weather resistant materials.

For your outdoor furniture, see the three waterproof outdoor bench cushions below.

Weather-Resistant Outdoor Classic Swing/Bench Cushion in Black FloralWeather resistant black bench cushions with pink and white roses Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Westport Bench CushionColorful vertical striped outdoor bench seat pad with tiesPillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Annie Wicker Loveseat Cushion, ChocolateDark brown patio bench cushion with colorful flowers and leaves

What makes a cushion waterproof?

What is weather resistant material? 


Black Floral

The the black floral cushion is both durable and comfortable. In terms of durability, the spun polyester cover is UV protected, and treated to resist soiling and stains. It’s also quick dry, to help protect against bad weather and whatever beverages you happen to be serving at your backyard BBQ. This one itself is made of synthetic material,  which sounds uncomfortable, but should prove to be properly soft.  Also, the price is quite affordable.

In my opinion, the most distinguishing factor for this product is the design: the beautiful floral print stands out against the black background for a stylish look, that unfortunately may be a little hot during the summer, due to the primarily dark colors. Still, if it looks good, lasts, and feels comfortable, a little heat might not be a problem.


The striped one is in a little higher price range, seemingly without much benefit over the other competitors on this list. Other than the usual outdoor furniture specs, it boasts a 100% polyester filling that is supposed to make it both durable and cushy, although the same could be said of the other choices on the list. However, like the previous one, it does have a notable design. The multicolored stripes are a unique, striking design that could give off retro or modern vibes depending on how you style it. If you are going for an interesting look, this product is certainly one to consider.

Dark Brown Floral

The dark brown colored bright floral cushion is the cheapest option on the list and is designed specifically for wicker furniture, which makes it a little different from it’s standard counterparts. For one, it doesn’t have ties in the back to secure it to the bench, although the back two corners are rounded to help it fit snugly. It’s also advertised as having sewn seam closures, which is available on some other ones, but doesn’t seem to be as prevalent.

Like most outdoor benches, the cover is made of 100% polyester and is designed to dry quick and resist fading. Unlike most other ones though, it’s tufted cushion is a surprising 5 inches deep, putting it somewhere between a pillow and the average bench cushion. If your bench is wicker, this one is definitely a good option to consider, particularly given the price.

Buying outdoor cushions for your patio bench

Buying waterproof outdoor bench cushions is easy once you narrow down your personal preference.  Just make sure that the product states the the fabric is weather resistant or waterproof before purchasing.

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