Keter Eden Bench Box Review- 10 Best Features

Nothing feels as great as having a neat, organized, and breathtaking outdoor space to enjoy.  It can offer the most relaxing setting to spend time in your backyard or patio.

You may want to consider some outdoor furniture to help you accomplish this setting.  One suitable type is an outdoor storage bench for your outdoor areas like patios, yards, swimming pools, gardens, etc.

They can be used to sit comfortably on while enjoying the scenery that nature has to offer you, while also helping your organize and conceal unsightly outdoor items like supplies, toys, etc.


Keter Eden Outdoor Storage Bench Review

It can be difficult to find a suitable and affordable outdoor storage box.  Today we will give you our best review of the Keter Eden Outdoor Bench to see if it is up to par.

Good Packing

I ordered the product from Amazon and received it on the third day on my doorsteps safely, when I received the product I was wondered about the packaging, it was neatly and well packed.

Time taken for the assembly

It took about 45 mins for me to assemble the product and use it. I think this is best when compared to other outdoor storage bench assembly, and I did not require any hard tools for assembling.

Functions & Specialities of Keter Eden Storage Bench Deck Box

Size of the Outdoor Storage Bench

The complete keter Eden storage box measures about 54.6 inches in length, 23.4 inches in width and 32.8 inches in height whereas the internal storage box measure was about 50.5 inches in length, 19.7 inches in width and 15 inches in height.

Weather Resistant

The material used for constructing this Keter Eden storage bench box is polypropylene resin plastics.  This material  makes sure the storage bench can withstand any climatic conditions,namely humidity, sun rays, rainy, etc. Also, the UV protection in the material protects the material from sun exposure or any other weather changes.

Weight Capacity

This outdoor storage box from Keter is capable of holding up to 771 lbs, and therefore can fit two people of any size easily.

Stylish Design

The wood paneled design used in the outdoor storage bench box provides the elegant look, the armrest and backrest provides the extra comfort while you are enjoying your nature’s scenery, reading a book, or listening to some music outdoors.

Lid with Lock

Keter Eden storage bench box comes with a lockable lid for securing your outdoor storage box from theft, so you need not worry about the things you placed in the storage box.

Storage Box

You can keep your favorite furniture cushions, outdoor items like patio supplies, toys, garden hoses, pool supplies, goggles, clothes, deck storages and much more. The resin construction in the storage box ensures moisture resistance and ventilation to keep the items inside dry and safe.


The color of the Keter Eden Storage Bench Box comes with two main colors,  mixed Beige/Brown and Brown/Brown.  The natural finish provides the attractive look to the users who are using the chair as well as for the guest visiting your outdoor space.


The price of the Keter Eden Bench Box is affordable when compared to the other types of outdoor storage benches in the market.

Keter Eden Bench Box

Special Feature:

This bench is made of UV protective and weather resistant materials.

Key features:

+ UV resistant material,

+ holding up to 771 lbs.


+ weather-proof,

+ easy to assemble.


+ Flimsy.

Our Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

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Bottom Line

I am happy that I shared my experience on using the Keter Eden Outdoor Bench box for the first time.  It definitely was beyond my expactations. Hopefully you now have some clear idea about the Keter Eden Bench Box in detail.

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