Narrow Outdoor Bench Cushions

Patio Cushions for Narrow Benches

Bench cushions that are shorter in width than the average size.

The average outdoor bench seems to run 18-20 inches wide.  But what if your bench is a little smaller than that? In that case, you may be looking for some narrow outdoor bench cushions to choose from from.  Although they don’t get much smaller than 18-20 inches, I found a few just under that at 16″ and  14″ wide.  See the picks below for more information.

Polyester Classic Swing or Bench Cushion, 36Polyester Classic Swing or Bench Cushion, 36Solid Navy Blue Tufted Cushion for Bench, Swing, or Glider - Choose / Select Size (36Solid Navy Blue Tufted Cushion for Bench, Swing, or Glider – Choose / Select Size (36

Narrow Outdoor Bench Cushions Reviews

An in depth look at our product picks.




The first cushion, in red gingham, is a good option for a bench that is a little narrower in size than the usual offers. It’s price tag is pretty standard for outdoor bench cushions, and it has all the usual specifications that mean it can withstand weather.

The cover is UV protected to resit fading in sunlight, and it was treated specifically to resist staining—handy for all those outdoor get-togethers. It’s also quick dry, which means it doesn’t matter if the weather takes and turn and rains on your party, it should still be ready to use shortly after.

The two things that set this option apart: the fact that it has a good selection of both other solid color and printed covers, and the fact that it’s billed as a Plow and Hearth exclusive product. Other than that, it’s a good, standard option.


The final choice, deep blue outdoor patio cushion isn’t the cheapest option in the list- actually, it’s the most expensive—but it is the narrowest. And the price tag isn’t without its perks. The cover is made of quick drying, weather-resistant fabric that helps resist mildew, perfect for those areas with heavy rainfall.

The filling is made of hypo-allergenic poly-fiberfill, and sits at a generous 3 inches in height. This one is also tufted, which, coupled with the height, should offer a comfortable sitting experience. Overall it seems that this one was designed to last, and to help you relax, which means that it might be worth spending a few extra dollars.

What is the Width of Each Cushion?

A clear look at the price and width comparison.

Of the three options, you must consider price, comfort, and measurements.  Although the first one is the cheapest, it is the most plain, and falls in the middle as far as width at 16″. The other one is the most expensive but may be the most comfortable, and it just happens to be the smallest of the narrow outdoor bench cushions at 14″ wide.

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