Navy Blue Outdoor Bench Cushion

We’ve featured a few cushions on this site before, but have neglected solid colored ones.  Today, I want to share this navy blue outdoor bench cushion to ramify that.


Solid colors cannot be overlooked when decorating or designing because they are the pieces that bring everything else in together.  Patterns are great when you are looking for an accent or statement piece, but you can’t cover all of your furniture in different patterns.  You will absolutely need some solid colors to keep the flow of design nice.


Check out the cushion below to see if it will match with your current theme.

Weather Resistant Outdoor Bench Cushion in Navy


This cushion has the tufted finish with seat ties, making it look elegant.  It is also very long (51″) and narrow, perfect for a skinny bench.  It is also very thick for extra comfort.


Of those features, there are some concerns that it is actually slightly less long than advertised (by an inch up to a few inches) and that the cushion is too thick.  The thickness is more of a personal preference.


This will be a comfortably padded, and will give you a little lift.  If you are looking for something more thin, that seats you closer to the seat and is more firm, this one is not for you.


You can click the links above to see if it will fit your needs.

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