3 Best Outdoor Bench Cushions

An outdoor space is where you can enjoy nature at it’s best and spend leisure time.  It is one of the best places to relax by yourself or with friends and family.  You can keep your outdoor space interesting and modern by investing in some outdoor furniture.  One style, an outdoor bench, can blend well with any outdoor area like a patio, backyard, garden, deck, or near your swimming pool.


Normally, outdoor furniture is designed to be stain resistant and weather resistant for withstanding any type of climatic changes.  Therefore, the material used for developing outdoor benches are usually made of high premium quality materials.

Some outdoor benches come with a cushion for providing extra comfort while sitting down on the bench.  There may also be a storage space beneath the benches for storing your patio supplies, garden supplies, furniture cushions, toys etc.

Today we have provided you with a guide of outdoor bench cushions and the best brands offering these outdoor bench cushions to help you choose one right for you.  Keep reading below for our best tips.

How to choose Outdoor Bench Cushions

Selecting the right outdoor bench cushion for your outdoor bench is tricky because of the big variety.  There are many different colors, brands, and materials available.  There is also the matter of specifications based on your current bench, and your personal style.  So, here are few factors you need to look for while choosing the outdoor bench cushions for your outdoor space.

  • Budget

The price range of these outdoor bench cushions varies based on the cushion type, color, material used, etc. Know your budget and then select the materials and other features as per your taste and also what best suits your outdoor space area.

  • Number of Cushions

Your outdoor bench may require different number of cushions based on it’s design and your preference. Cushions are also available for benches, chairs, swinging benches, lounge chair etc, note for which type you are searching a cushion and then prefer to buy the one as per your need.

  • Color

The color of the cushion should blend with your surroundings and also should match your outdoor bench perfectly for providing a natural and classy look. Some of the benches may be made of light wood, dark wood, painted, etc.  Depending on the color and material of your bench, you may find searching for a cushion that matches to be an easy task or a difficult one.  The colors and materials that are more neutral should match with more cushions and vice versa.

  • Cushion Quality

The quality of the cushion is determined by the material and whether it can withstand any type of climatic changes and conditions such as snow, humidity, rain, heat etc. For the best quality, a waterproof material is a must.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning the cushion and the outdoor bench should be easy, simply wipe clean with a wet towel.  If your cushion is not waterproof and not machine washable, you may need to replace it instead.

  • Durability

Check whether the material used in the cushion is made of premium high grade materials.  Some use fibers, oil coating, durable hemp cloth, etc. for the cushion to last longer.

Best Picks of Outdoor Bench Cushions

Selecting the best outdoor bench cushion from the huge collection of items available online would be very difficult.  Our team has researched various types of cushions that would suit any type of outdoor bench and have narrowed it down to our top picks.

We have also arranged the products based on the customer’s ratings, reviews, popularity, durability and their performance in the market.

Outdoor Bench Cushion from Greendale Home Fashions

This alluring bench cushion from Greendale Home Fashion ranks first in our best picks, the material used in the cushion is polyester.  The material that is used for filling the bench cushion is recyclable plastic and the stuffed construction provides extra comfort while sitting.

The chair is made of water resistant materials and therefore the cushion is able to withstand any climatic conditions like heat, rain, humidity etc. They are available in multiple designs and colors, you can choose a specific one based on your outdoor bench.

It’s dimensions are 44X17X4 inches and it has a wweight of about 6.6 lbs.  You can compare the dimensions to that of your bench to see if it is a good fit.

This cushion can also be used on your back for back pain relief while sitting.

The price of the product is affordable, so the risk is low and you can see it is efficient.  The different colors can easily blend with any of style of outdoor furniture. 

Our #1 Pick:Greendale Home Fashions

Special Feature:

This bench cushion is made of waterproof material.

Key features:

+ made of polyester,

+ UVresistant materials .


+ recycled materials,

+ long lasting.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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Westport Bench Cushion for Outdoor from Pillow Perfect

Pillow Perfect has designed this cushion in a way that it suits any chair with ease and thus it ranks second in our product list. The fabrics used in this cushion are chosen from highly developed manufacturers.  It is one of the best cushions for decorating your outdoor bench reliably.

They are made in the way that resist any weather changes like rainy, sunlight, humidity etc and you can use this cushion for both indoor and outdoor. The fiber filling and polyester is of premium quality and thus ensures durability.

They are easy to maintain and also light in weight, washable by both hand and machine. The size of the cushion comes with a dimension of 45X18X2.5 and comes in various styles while still being a good price. The cushions are handcrafted personally for a classy finish.

Our #2 Pick: Pillow Perfect

Special Feature:

This cushion has premium quality fiber filling and polyester.

Key features:

+ made of polyester,

+ multi-colored.


+ for indoor/outdoor,

+ durable.


+ Shorter.

Our Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

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Outdoor Bench Cushion from Winsome Wood

Are you looking for a simple and decent looking outdoor bench cushion? Then the right pick would be the winsome wood’s outdoor bench cushion and ranks third in our best product picks.

The manufacturer offers a variety of designs and styles of cushions at a decent price point.  This featured product is one among them. The padding present within the cushion provides comfort to whoever is sitting on the chair.

The leather cover provides a neat and classy look to your outdoor area, and this leather blends with any type of benches with ease.  They are made of waterproof materials so they can withstand any and all weather.  The size of the cushion comes with a dimension of 36X13X2.17 and the foam inside the cushion makes them comfortable to sit on.

Use the chair for both indoor and outdoor use.  The price of the product is worth the money invested on the cushion and this premium quality used is responsible for the durability.

Our #3 Pick:Winsome Wood

Special Feature:

It has castered base for moving the cage easily.

Key features:

+ soft PU Faux Leather,

+ espresso finish.


+ slim size,

+ comfortable foam stuffing.


+ Less width.

Our Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

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Bottom Line

We hope this guide helped you gained a crystal clear understanding of how to choose the perfect outdoor bench cushions based on the characteristics of the product and how they fit your needs.  We have showcased a few cushions offered by some great brands to give you our best product picks at affordable price ranges.

So, what are you still waiting for? If the above guide has helped you choose, then it’s the right time to get an outdoor bench cushion for your outdoor furniture and space. What type of cushion will you be using for your outdoor benches?

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