10 Best Outdoor Bench Plans [With Pics]

If you have tried searching online and in store, but can’t seem to find the right outdoor bench for you, you may want to try making one yourself.  There are plenty of free outdoor bench plans available online.  Maybe you can find one that fits your needs or style better than those for sale.

It is not exactly a beginners project, so make sure you have enough knowledge and skill before attempting one of these projects.


First, we will look at some bench ideas to help you get inspired.  There are many different styles of outdoor benches, those with and without backs, arms, dining benches, storage benches, decorative benches, etc.

You may feel like browsing through some ideas to help you choose which plan is right for you.

A Few Different Outdoor Bench Ideas

Below is our list of different styles and types of benches.

Outdoor Bench for Corridors with Cedar Wood

This type of bench can be executed at your outdoor areas like car parking areas, outdoor corridors, etc. to have an enchanting look. Building an outdoor storage bench with this cedar wood be fascinating, the sides of this will have enough space so that you can decorate it with any plants, herbs or flowers for the attractive look.

Outdoor Dining Bench

Dining at your outdoor with your friends and families will make your day fun filled. For this type of plan, you can choose any materials, but ensure whether they do not have any cracks or damage, apart from that you also need some good looking fabric prints, two chairs and a seat foam for making this dining wood outdoor bench.

Crib Style

Your outdoor garden or any backyard will look gorgeous if you adapt to make a bench in crib style.

DIY Wooden Outdoor Potting Table

Potting tables are very efficient for any avid gardeners and are another fun project to try.  You can store all of your materials and soil easily while potting plants on your work space. 

Tree Garden Outdoor Bench 

This bench has a unique style that wraps around a tree.  

DIY Antique Style Outdoor Seat

This look can be achieved with oil paints and polyurethane.

Outdoor Storage Bench

With the help of the lumber you can develop a cupboard like a format and use some box for the handle, do not forget to keep the stuff inside so that it look colorful and also can be used as bench or seat at your outdoor areas. Add some colors, cushions in the seating area to add the comfort while sitting.

Outdoor Bench with Arbor

Take some cedar woods, frame it with arbor and place at our outdoor area to provide the enchanting view at your outdoor space, you can do this without taking much effort, this would be catchy eye symbol at your outdoor space.

Outdoor Bench seat with Lumber

Use recycled or new wood to design an outdoor bench, color it and add extra cushions and other material to have an appealing look at your outdoor space.

Outdoor Bench Plan with Fire Pit

This outdoor bench idea would be the perfect one for hanging out or partying with your friends, have a fire pit in your backyard and enjoy the fun filled evening with your friends with this type of outdoor bench.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you felt inspired by this article and all of the bench plans and pictures.  Having the freedom to design your own outdoor furniture is empowering.

You can paint it any color you want, add embellishments, and most of all make sure it suits your specific needs and style.

Do you have any outdoor bench plans? If yes, share it us through the comment section below.

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