Outdoor Bench with Storage – The perfect mix of design and functionality

Outdoor Bench with Storage 

Storage in an outdoor space is a commodity. This is particularly true if you have a small backyard, patio, or if you lack a garage. Even without those limitations, the question in any month outside of the summer is the same: where are you going to put all those nice outdoor bench cushions, pool supplies, gardening tools, etc?

Personally, I hate storing things in the garage during the off-season. No matter what precautions are taken, there is always some sort of spider, cockroach, or other creepy-crawly that seems find it’s way in.

Likewise, I never wanted to put my outdoor things in the house, because who knows what pesky bugs I might end up bringing in with them. Of course, refusing to keep things in both the house and the garage didn’t leave me with a lot of options.

Convenience of Extra Storage


There are times when it’s far preferable to have some where else to keep your summer supplies; this is what makes an outdoor bench with storage a good purchase. An outdoor bench with storage, is most often a bench with a giant box for storage underneath, but don’t think that it looks ungainly or odd. Most benches work the storage in seamlessly. All you have to do is lift the lid and get out whatever you need. It’s much more convenient than bothering to figure out the fifteen different places you’ve hidden all your summer necessities. Rather than running to the shoe closet to get the pool inflatables, and then running out to the garage to grab the folding chairs, you can keep them all in the same place.

Storage Deck Boxes

Now, there are deck boxes that function the same way—they’re giant boxes you can keep outside and put all of your stuff in. The major difference, and the reason why I prefer outdoor benches, is that a deck box is just that: a box. Outdoor storage benches are more functional because they double as patio furniture, which helps if your outdoor space is at a premium.

Deck boxes are fine, but I never understood the logic behind storage items like that. What’s the point of getting things out of the way by dumping them in a box or bin that is still in the way? I’m much happier with multi-function storage items.

For Decor or Function

But multi-function means it needs to look good, even if it is made strictly for convince. For some, an outdoor bench with storage will be, first and foremost, a bench. It needs to look good on any patio, in addition to keeping all of the junk out of sight.  Luckily, like any in-demand item, there is a wide variety of outdoor benches that you can purchase. You can easily get one with the traditional slatted wood look that pair well with Adirondack chairs or wooden patios.

If you’re more into the modern look, pick up one with sleek lines and dark colors; just about any design you might need is out there.  There are even ones that have matching bins on shelves below, rather than the large, box shaped space, which is handy if you don’t need a lot of storage and want to focus on the aesthetic value.

With both style and function, an outdoor bench with storage is definitely a good option for anyone who wants maximize their outdoor space.

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