Outdoor Glider Bench with Cushions – 3 Different Styles

Outdoor Glider Benches that come with Cushions

How to not pay extra for cushions.

I was surprised to find out that cushions for outdoor furniture can sometimes cost just as much, if not more than the furniture itself.  A great way to circumvent paying for each piece separately is to search for brands that are offering them as a set.

Also rather than paying extra, it  saves you time as well.  Chairs from different manufacturers are going to have different dimensions, the same goes for the cushions.  You will have to make sure all the measurements are correct, and begin your search.  Instead, getting both of them together ensures you have the perfect set.  You can add some decorative outdoor throw pillows to fit your style.

Although the options for them being sold together are noticeably more limited than just the bench or just the cushion alone, we were able to find some picks for you.  See the styles below.

Sundale Outdoor 2 Person Wicker Loveseat Glider Bench Chair Patio Porch Swing with Rocker,Brown WickerWicker Glider Bench with CushionsMainstays Wentworth Outdoor Glider Bench, Seats 2Steel Frame Outdoor Glider Bench with Cushions
Cloud Mountain Outdoor Patio 2 Person Loveseat Cushioned Rocking Bench Furniture Patio Swing Rocker Lounge Glider Chair, Brick RedOutdoor Loveseat Glider Bench

Which Glider Bench with Cushions is Right for You?

A brief comparison of the three picks.


These benches are all pretty similar in cost, style, and quality.  The determining factor will probably be which cushions you like better.  Each cushion is a different color and made of different material.  Each of the bench’s best features should be considered.

Price-wise, the wicker bench is the most expensive, the other two benches average at a mid-high price range.  All still very affordable considering the cushion is included.  That is a similar price range to outdoor glider benches without the cushions.

As for quality and materials, reviewers are happy with the quality of each bench.   The majority are happy with how comfortable and easy to easy assemble each bench is.  Two benches are made with a powder coated steal frame, while the outdoor love-seat is made of wrought-iron metal.  Each bench can hold up to 2 people, with a 500lb maximum weight capacity.

The style of each bench is similar, with each having a simple metal frame and solid colored, basic cushions.  The only variation is the wicker back and sides of the first bench.

Which cushion is best?

The wicker bench has red textilene fabric seats that are advertised as waterproof.  The outdoor glider has hypoallergenic, 100% polyester filled cushions.  The loveseat has cotton cushions with olefin fabric.

Your deciding factor may be these cushions, considering each one is very different.  Whether you want all-weather cushions, hypoallergenic, or comfy cotton cushions is up to you.


As stated in our comparison, the majority of reviewers are impressed with how easy to assemble each bench is.  However, there is an exception with the wicker style bench.  Apparently more than one customer was unhappy with the assembly instructions, and/or the correct manufacturing of the parts that arrived.  They were unable to assemble the bench and requested a refund.  Other reviewers seemed to not have this issue and gave 4 and 5 star reviews.

That being said, when a few people have the same complaint, it may be something to consider when making your decision.

Which Cushion did you Choose?

Similar chairs, but different cushions.

Each chair is a quality, affordable style of outdoor furniture.  If you came looking for one of them, you obviously have a very specific need.  Hopefully you liked the picks we found for that specific style, and hopefully we helped you narrow it down to the best outdoor glider bench with cushions for your outdoor living space.

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