4 Best Outdoor Glider Benches of 2017

Are you looking for some furniture to sit down and have a cup tea on while enjoying some backyard scenery, to have fun with your friends, or to enjoy your free time relaxing at your garden or any outdoor area?


If so, a Glider Bench would be the perfect piece of furniture for your outdoor space. Today we are going to learn about the Outdoor Glider Bench in detail.

What is an Outdoor Glider Bench?

Furniture that is efficient for adapting your outdoor space to provide you with comfort and sway.  The mechanism behind the outdoor glider bench is their internal swinging that creates the movement while person sitting in the chair. This will make the person to move forward and backward with ease.

Different Types of Materials used in the Glider Benches

Glider benches for outdoors use different type of materials like plastic, wood, resin etc. the price of these glider benches differs based on the type of material used. More specific styles are metal, wood, polywood, and poyethylene glider benches.

Teak, red cedar, and Eucalyptus are used in the wood glider benches.  Steel, along with a powder coated finish is set up in the metal glider benches for durability.  Free polywood is often used for  polywood glider benches, and plastic seat construction with a steel coated frame is used for polyethylene glider benches.

Sizes available for the Glider Benches

Most of the outdoor glider benches would be forty eight inches long and thirty five to thirty six inches in height, the width may vary depending on the gliders, the most common width is about forty three inches wide.

Best Picks of Outdoor Glider Benches

Selecting the right type of outdoor glider benches as per your requirements, budget, material, and color is tedious.  Also,  choosing the right brand from thousands of manufacturers is little bit tricky. To make our selection easier, Here are some of the best product picks of glider benches to use outside.

The products listed are based on the product’s performance, durability, quality, customer rating and reviews.

Glider Bench for Outdoor from Lifetime

Are you searching for a glider bench to enjoy with your kids or need a glider bench to spend your leisure time peacefully outdoors? Then you definitely need to try the outdoor glider bench from Lifetime and this product has ranked top in our best picks list.

The size of the glider benches is about 4 feet and comes with an attractive brown color that blends with your outdoor environment perfect, the material used for constructing the glider bench is polystyrene and it is UV protected for protecting the material from any crack, stain or peeling.

The time it takes to assemble it is very little and also you will not require any extra maintenance for securing it. The ball bearings are responsible for the quiet and smooth glide, and the steel frame within the glider bench is powder coated for the durability.

The product comes with a dimension of 48.5X8.4X25.5 inches and the product weigh about 66.1 pounds, with the help of a person you can move the glider bench from one place to another.  The characteristic internal swinging mechanism is sure to be loved by your kids.

Our #1 Pick:Lifetime 60055

Special Feature:

Less assembly time is needed for this bench

Key features:

+ made of UV-protected polystyrene

+ power coated steel frame


+ weather resistant

+ durable

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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CG-12Z Glider Bench with Tray for Outdoor from Jack Post

Jack Post’s CG-12Z Glider Bench with tray ranks second in our product list. This would be the best piece of furniture in your garden or patio.  The material used in the chair is high grade premium quality wood and this ensures the product will last longer for years without any replacing or stains.

The tray at each side of the glider bench helps you to keep any of your items like books, snacks, coffee cup, flowers, etc. The sturdy and steel powder coating ensures reliability. 

Sit back, swing, and relax with the help of this nice looking bench. Mostly loved by kids and adults for their swinging mechanism. They weigh about 47 pounds and comes with a size dimension of 71X30X37 inches. They are capable of holding up to 500 lbs and therefore there should be no problem holding 2 or more people on this bench, especially in the case of parents and children.

Our #2 Pick: Jack Post

Special Feature:

It has trays at both sides to hold things

Key features:

+ high-grade quality material

+ used strong wood


+ easily fits into any decor theme

+ stylish


+ Takes longer to assemble

Our Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

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Cedar Glider Bench for Outdoor from Kilmer Creek

This pretty looking glider bench ranks third in our product list, manufactured by the popular brand Kilmer creek, it stands out with its traditional looking design.

The manufacturer has designed the product with multiple functionalities that makes the glider bench efficient.

The type of material used in the bench is the red cedar and is naturally resistant to stains, decay etc. The lightweight feature makes the product stronger, and smoothness is achieved by the span slats that look clear at edges and sides.

While this bench looks the most stationary, it has the swinging mechanism as well.  It comes with a size dimension of 34.5X50X27 inches and the seat in the glider bench comes with the dimension of 18 inches deep and 46 inches wide.

The UV protection helps the glider bench to withstand any climatic changes. The price is expensive but worth the money spent for the product. The red cedar material has the capability to blend with any type of outdoor setting.

Our #3 Pick:Kilmer Creek

Special Feature:

Natural stain resistant material is used.

Key features:

+ Silicone dipping

+ cedar tint finish


+ light weight

+ comfortable


+ Unliked wood type

Our Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

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Patio Glider Bench from Outsunny

Next is a bench from Outsunny, the manufacturer is best known for producing outdoor items that are loved for their great quality and durability. This product ranks fourth in our product picks.

As the products comes fully assembled you need not spend any of your time assembling the bench on your patios. The product comes with a dimension of 48.5X28X14.5 and the sturdy base allows an user to sit with comfort.

The mesh seating provides the support to the user and also comes with ventilation for free air flow. The tan and black mixed color provides the attractive look to your garden, patio, yard, or swimming pool.

The price of the product is affordable and therefore you can get the product as per your budget. The glider bench weighs about 39 pounds and therefore can move the glider easily from one place to another, you can use this glider bench indoors as well.

Our #4 Pick:Outsunny

Special Feature:

Product comes fully assembled.

Key features:

+ ventilated bench seat

+ mesh seating


+ comfortable for two people

+ less expensive


+ Uneven painting

Our Rating: 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

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Final Words

A glider bench can be the best if you need to spend your leisure time in a relaxing outdoor envinronment, enjoying the scenery of your backyard while sitting and swinging on a glider bench with friends or family. Hopefully the above product picks helped you to choose the right glider bench from the perfect manufacturer.

What type of Glider benches do you think will be best for you?

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