3 Best Outdoor Potting Benches & How to Choose Guide

A Potting Bench, also known as a gardening table is a vital piece of workbench used for any type of gardening tasks.  Namely transplanting seedlings, potting, weeding.  And it helps to collect any gardening tools, potting soil, fertilizers, containers, etc.


The potting bench is perfectly designed for standing use for potting the pots, soils, and tools in an efficient way. For doing your gardening activities efficiently you need to adapt to any of the best outdoor potting benches.

What are the characteristics to look for in a potting Bench?

Before going to the best picks, it’s essential to know about the factors that you need to look for while choosing a potting bench.


You need to be careful about picking these potting benches for your outdoor space as choosing the wrong one can bring a great deviation from your garden. So look for the materials, to be made of high-grade premium quality for the durability. Red cedar, pressure treated wood, and natural wood (teak) are some of the best materials to choose for.

Height of the Potting Bench

Height is the major thing to consider the work surface needs to be slightly lower than the kitchen counter, and it should be based on your height too. If you are opting for a higher potting bench, you may not see inside the pot clearly while you are doing some of the garden activities.

Base of the Potting Bench

A sturdy base is always important to look for while choosing a potting bench, as this will carry the weight of the garden materials like the pot with soils, fertilizer bags, watering can, tools, etc.

Built in Sink

This helps in collecting the soil, debris, pot and other materials easily for cleaning or other purposes; there should be a sliding lid over the sink for increasing the work surface when the sink is not in use.

Built in sinks will help you clean the debris and other dumped items easily as they can be pushed to the compost bin effectively.

Number of Shelves

It’s important to have multiple shelves to hold different gardening items like tools, equipment, potting and much more.

Wire mesh

Apart from keeping tools and equipment, it would be good if the potting bench comes with the lattice back, wire mesh, pegboard, etc. This will make your work easier and also you will be able to differentiate between the items easily, and store them neatly.


The grate is important for making the potting bench work easier, this will enable the potting soil fall, and this gets collected in a bin or tub below for recycling so that you need not worry about spilling the soil or fertilizer.


Handle and wheels help to move the potting bench from one place to another for making your garden activities easier and smoother.


It’s good if your potting bench has built in drawers to hold equipment, fertilizers, and tools.  Making it easier to use and it keeps the materials organized.

Waterproof Paint

Ensure whether your potting bench has the multiple covers of waterproof sealant or paint to secure the wood from exposure to sunlight and moisture.

Best Picks for Outdoor Potting Benches

Choosing the best type of potting benches for our garden is burdensome, so to help you out, our team has indulged in researching the different brands and potting benches products and then chose some of the best picks based on the customer’s rating, reviews, quality, durability, and performance.

Potting Bench for Outdoor from Best Choice

Are you looking for the potting bench for your garden to store all the garden items in a single case, then you need to try this Best Choice Product potting bench.  This product ranks first in our best product picks. Grow more plants, vegetables, herbs, etc. at your garden with the help of these potting bench.

As they are made of high-grade quality solid wood, you are ensured with the durability of the product.  The natural wood finish provides an alluring look to your garden, and there is a side drawer to store your gardening equipment, tools, etc. The side hook is used for hanging any gardening items.

The lower shelf and upper workstation are designed for easy soil access and also act as a great decoration piece in your garden. The potting bench measures about 45 inches in height, 44 inches wide and 20 inches in diameter.

The weight of the product is about  29 pounds, and therefore you can move the potting bench anywhere with ease.

Our #1 Pick:Best Choice Products

Special Feature:

You can experience easy access with the use of lower shelf and upper workstation.

Key features:

+ made of solid fir wooden material,

+ hooks for easy handling.


+ DIY construction,

+ durable.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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Potting Bench for Garden from Convenience Concepts

The second position in the best picks of the outdoor potting bench is the convenience concept’s potting bench and is perfect for the people who love to plant different types of plants, herbs, etc.

The material used while constructing this potting bench is natural solid wood and made of high-grade premium quality.  The bench consists of a cabinet for holding any gardening items, water, important things for gardening, etc., a drawer and open shelf for accessing the tools and equipment easily.

The workspace is spacious, and therefore you will be able to pick the necessary tools and equipment without any chaos. There are pre-attached side hooks for hanging the watering can, soil items, etc. and this would be the best decorative piece of the bench at your garden.

They are easy to assemble, and the lightweight features enable the user to move the potting bench anywhere in your outdoor area, also the light oak color adds extra beauty to your garden, the price may be high but it’s worth the money invested in the product. The dimensions are 44X18X49 inches for easy accessing.

Our #2 Pick: Convenience Concepts

Special Feature:

Made of solid and durable natural wood.

Key features:

+ pre-attached side hooks,

+ durable material.


+ easy to assemble,

+ spacious shelf.


+ Light color wood.

Our Rating: 4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

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Lotus Potting Bench from Jack Post

Love to develop your garden with different types of plants, flowers, and herbs? Then try out Jack post’s Potting Bench, one of the extraordinary benches that adds allure and also provides easy access to keep all your gardening items in one case.

The table comes in the dimensions of 38 inches in length and 21 inches wide whereas the overall dimension range is 39 inches in length, 22 inches in width and 36 inches in height, as the material used for the potting bench is made of high-grade quality wood the product ensures long-lasting durability.

The cypress used for securing your potting bench from any weather changes is another positive of the product, the top surface of the potting bench is constructed with a metal top for a strong and sturdy bench. There is also a bottom shelf for storing all your gardening items securely.

Our #3 Pick:Jack Post

Special Feature:

Cypress used for keeping it weather resistant.

Key features:

+ metal-topped work surface,

+ wide bottom shelf.


+ durable,

+ weather-proof.


+ Except the top, only one shelf.

Our Rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

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Bottom Line

Hopefully the above outdoor potting bench picks helped you to choose the right product for your garden.  Be sure to check for the characteristics and then go with the products that meet your needs.  Also check whether it suits your garden, backyard, or outdoor area perfectly before making your final decision.

Are you using a potting bench in your garden?

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