Outdoor Potting Table with Sink

Outdoor Potting Tables with Sinks

Potting tables (or benches) are already a very convenient tool if gardening is your hobby.  But if you are a more serious gardener, you may want a potting table with a sink for daily use.

While potting plants, you can store the soil in the sink.  The soil sink makes it so that you don’t have to scoop soil out of the bag while you work.  Everything you need is right on the bench with the workspace and the soil is within reach stored off to the side in the sink.

Convenience Concepts Deluxe Potting Bench, Light OakConvenience Concepts Deluxe Potting Bench with Soil SinkNewdale Wood Potting Bench Spacious Top Workspace, Durable Sink and Large Drawer in Light Oak Finish 47.64'' H x 37'' W x 18'' DNewdale Wood Potting Bench with Durable Sink and Large Drawer Oversized! Coral Coast Willow Creek Metal Potting Bench - BlackOversized! Coral Coast Willow Creek Metal Potting Bench – Black

Potting Bench with Sink Reviews


Convenience Concepts Deluxe Potting Bench

The first pick arguably has the most storage of any of the benches on the list, but that seems to be it’s only definite advantage. It has a large bottom shelf, a smaller shelf below the soil sink, a drawer, hooks on the side, and a small ledge on the top, which means you’ll be able to store just about anything you might need, but how long it will last storing those things is the real question.

Some of the reviews mention that the metal components are not as strong as would be expected, which is actually fine if you’re not using it for any heavy duty tasks. The soil sink is also made of plastic, which can have issues with serious heat or weight. Overall, if you’re not leaving this potting bench out in the harsh weather, and you’re not using it for heavy duty potting, it seems like it’s a viable option. The storage it provides is definitely something to consider.

Newdale Wood Potting Bench with Spacious Top Workspace

Our second pick is an interesting option, some of the features stand out.  One such feature is that it’s done with a very light colored oak, which I like as a different option. A lot of potting benches are a standard, darker wood color, so this is great if only because it’s a little bit brighter. Another feature is the removable soil sink. The soil sink on this potting bench is made of stainless steel, so it should be more durable than the previous option. The sink is also removable—some of the other benches may have removable soil sinks as well, but they don’t specify—which makes it so much easier to clean.

That will help out a lot if you plan on transitioning the bench from potting to entertaining as the seasons change. The last feature that I thought was unique and interesting, was the fact that it has wheels on two of the legs. The intention behind seems to be that you can pick up one end of the bench and then wheel it to wherever you want it. I find the wheels to be a smart and functional addition.

Having the option to wheel the potting bench with you as you move about the garden would be pretty convenient, not to mention the fact that you’d just have to wheel it into the garage when you’re not using it. In terms of storage, it also has a decent amount, with a large shelf, a drawer, hooks on the side, and a ledge at the top. The lattice work at the back also gives you the option to put up more hooks of your own should you need them. Overall, even though it’s a little risky with the lack of reviews, I think this potting bench is a good choice for the thought that went into it. They’ve given it some unique features that I would find worth trying out.

Coral Coast Willow Creek Metal Potting Bench

The last pick is probably the most heavy duty option on the list, but it has the least amount of storage. There’s only the one big shelf at the bottom and some hooks across the top. But it is made out of steel, and steel is, without question, durable. It also has cute wrought-iron vines that are charming and fitting for outdoor furniture. That said, the thing that stands out the most to me is the fabric soil sink.

I wouldn’t say that it’s as easy to clean or as durable as the stainless steel sink of the previous bench, but there’s something appealing about the flexibility of fabric. I’m not sure how it would work out in practice, but having worked with wooden potting benches before, I’m open to anything that isn’t as stiff and has easier cleaning. I also like the addition of the cover that goes over the sink.

It’s a thoughtful touch. As a whole, I wouldn’t call this the most convenient or functional option, but if you’re going for a particular look or want to try something a little different, this potting bench is a good option.

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