What is a Potting Bench?

What are Potting Benches and Who Uses Them?

Potting benches are indispensable to people in the horticulture and floriculture industry, but for the average home gardener, a potting bench may look and function very differently than its industry counterpart. A potting bench, at it’s most basic, is exactly what is sounds like. It’s a bench where you can move plants from one container to another, making sure to add soil or trim leaves, or whatever else may need doing in the process.

Potting Benches for Your Backyard or Garden


For home use, potting benches may seem like they’re just for gardening due to their name, but in reality their useful as a jack-of-all-trades furniture piece for your backyard. Display, preparation, storage, organization—these benches can do a lot more than you may have expected.
Of course, the primary, advertised purpose of a potting bench is nothing to brush off. For the avid gardener, the it is a great space to both prep and work with any plant, potted or otherwise. Use it sort out bulbs or annuals before planting, or to trim up your herbs or vegetables without having to crawl around your knees or stretch up to reach hanging planters. They’re also a great place to store things like fertilizer, extra pots and potting soil, and tools.

For storage and organization

And don’t forget that potting plants can be messy business. Having a nice, organized space to work with outside of your house is a nice alternative to getting soil all over your porch, or on the floors in your home.
But don’t feel that these are limited to just working with plants. When most of your early spring dirty work is done, you can utilize the space on the on of these as a display area. It would work great with any full sun annuals that might otherwise be hidden beneath the taller plants in your garden.

For Decoration Only

If you’re not a gardener, a potting bench can be used as outdoor furniture with both function and aesthetic. The addition of a shabby chic or simply a classic wooden one, would make any outdoor space look more homey and rustic. Or for a more modern feel, get a metal potting bench. There’s a nearly infinite amount of variation in the design and look available for these, so if you’re getting one purely for decorative purchases, take your time and shop around.

For everything else

For furniture purposes, it is actually a versatile outdoor work space, even if there are no plants involved. If your the sort of person who enjoys cooking outdoors, use a potting bench as a prep station for your meals. For entertaining, you can use it as a drink or buffet station. They also make great outdoor storage for toys, tools, pet supplies, or whatever else you might keep outside. They are designed for convenience while working, which makes them useful for a number of tasks.

How to Organize and Customize your Potting Bench

Your potting bench will become your very own gardening workstation.  It’s important that you keep everything organized to keep your workflow smooth and to make the most efficient use of the space.  Check out these helpful articles below for tips on how to get the most out of your workspace.

How to Customize your Potting Bench

8 Way to Organize your Potting Bench

What to Remember

When you shop for your potting bench, keep in mind the aforementioned variety available to you. You can purchase anywhere from a basic one that just comes with a flat work space to ones with storage, tool hooks, soil sinks, actual sinks, and whatever else you might need. The price, of course, shifts widely with those options. But don’t feel like you have to purchase a basic one, or one with all of the extra trimmings. Get what works best for you, because with all that utility and diversity, a potting bench doesn’t have just one purpose or definition—it’s really just about what you need it for.

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